会议地点:哈尔滨工程大学 会议时间:2012年6月25-28日

Session A1 Hydrodynamics 1
1. Experimental Study On Drag Reduction Of A Ship Due To A Drainage Slit
A. M. Liu, J. M. Wang
6. Effects Of Mooring Cables On Motions Of Floating Structures
J. F. Lee, Y.C. Cheng, and J.H. Kao
10. Numerical Simulation For A Self-Propelled 3D Flapping Wing – A Comparison With 2D Case
J. Hu, Q. Xiao
16. Numerical Research On A Self-Propelled Tuna-Like Bio-Mimetic Underwater Vehicle
Y. M. Su, X. Zhang, Z. L. Wang and N. Y. Li
Session B1 Hydrodynamics 2
21. Ducted Propeller Blade Fracture Fault Diagnosis Technology Based on CFD
L. J. Ou, F. H. Wang, W. Zhang
27. The Numerical Study of Robotic Fish Hydrodynamics
Q. X. Gao, Z.L. Gao, W. Jin and D. Vassalos
33. Research On Trimaran Stability In Following Waves By Numerical Calculation Method
K. Y. Hu, D. Yong, Y. M. Lu and S. C. Liang
Session C1 Hydrodynamics 3
38. Numerical Study On Dynamic Behavior Of A Moored Floating Body With Flexible Skirts
W. K. Weng, F. Yang
43. Resistance and Rolling Alleviate Performance of Round & Knuckle Craft
Y. P. Xie, C. Y. Yao and W. Yao
47. An Experimental Study on Propulsive Performance of a Newly Developed Non-ballast Ship with
Buttock-Flow Stern Hull Shape
H. Sakamoto, Y. Nihei and Y. Ikeda
52. The Effects of Leading-edge Suction on Hydrodynamic Performance and Cavitation Performance of
C. Wang, X. R. Cheng, X. Chang, S. Huang
Session D1 Hydrodynamics 4
57. Weather Routing Software Development and Case Study
W. Shao and P. L. Zhou
62. An Extended Analytic Solution Of Combined Refraction And Diffraction Of Long Waves Propagating
Over Circular Island
C. C. Tsai, T. W. Hsu and Y. H. Huang
67. Motion Mathematical Model and Simulation of Small Water-Plane-Area Twin Hull
X. F. Zhang, Z. W. Lv
72. Numerical Simulation of Leading-edge Tubercles Three-dimensional Airfoil with DES
X. R. Cheng, X. Chang, C. Wang, S. Huang
Session E1 Hydrodynamics 5
76. A Study on Performance of Cascade of Wing Sails for Sail-equipped Vessels Considering their
Aerodynamic Interaction
Q. LI, Y. Nihei, Y. Ikeda
83. Water Tank Study on Carbon Dioxide Bubble Plume in Stagnant Stratified Sea Water
B. S. Shiau and W. H. Li
89. The Unsteady Interacting Forces During Near-Wall Movement Of A Sphere
L. Cheng, G. L. Chen, Q. J. Luo, X. D. Zhao and F. L. Li
Session F1 Hydrodynamics 6
94. Wave Absorbing System Using Inclined Submerged Porous Plate
C. Y. Yueh and S. H. Chuang
100. Effect Of Wind Load On Predicting Parametric Rolling In Direct Stability Criterion
Y. H. Zhou, J. Lu and N. Ma
105. Hydrodynamic Coefficients of A 3D Body Floating in A Two-layer Fluid of Finite Depth
D. O. Manyanga, W. Y. Duan and L. Y. Jun
Session G1 Hydrodynamics 7
111. Coordinated Control of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: a Behavior-Based Approach
D. P. Jiang, Y. J. Pang
117. An Improvement of Wave Diffraction Effect in SWAN
J. G. Lin and T. W. Hsu
122. 3D Manoeuvring Animation of U-VLCC Ship
Jaswar, Nofrizal, Zulkarnain, Agustin, Hafidz, Munirah, Efi
127. Experimental Research on Tidal Current Power Station
F. M. Jing, L. Zhang
Session H1 Hydrodynamics 8
132. Numerical Investigation of Water Jet Efficiency Improvement Mechanism about Hydrofoil
C. Wang, J. Hua, K. Yu, S. Huang and X. R. Cheng
136. On The Vertical Weight Stabilizer (VWS)-Application Of New Concept For Anti Rolling-
T. Hirayama, Y. Hirakawa, K. Kakizoe, T. Takayama, S. Funamizu, N. Okada, A. Yamane
141. The Hydrodynamic Performance Of Podded Propulsor In Non-Uniform And Mooring Condition*
C. Y. Guo, D. G. Zhao, C. J. Yang, N. Ma
145. About Form Factor (1+k) in Data Reduction of Ship Model Resistance Test
D. B. Huang
149. Numerical Analysis For Far-Field Flow Noise Of The Propeller
J. F. Gong, P. J. Ming, L. K. Xuan and W. P. Zhang
Session I1 Hydrodynamics 9
154. Motion Response Analysis of a Deep Water Pipelay Crane Vessel
L. P. Sun, X. Yang
159. Hydrodynamic Force On Surface Structures With Oblique Boundaries
S. L. Sun, S. Y. Sun, J. Hu
163. Development Of Ultra-Small-Buoy For Measurement Directional Waves
Y. Hirakawa, T. Takayama, T. Hirayama
169. Prediction of Hydrodynamic Performance of Front-mounted Water Separation Propeller
F. Feng, X. Chang, X. Y. Qi, X. R. Cheng, C. Y. Guo
Session A2 Marine Engineering 1
174. Envisaging A Ballast Water Treatment System From Shipboard Waste Heat
R. Balaji, O. Yaakob
179. The Research on Inlet System Aerodynamic Performance of Marine Gas Turbine under Different
Inlet Filter Device Layout Forms
Z. Y. Wang, P. F. Liu, Y. L. Deng, and Q.C. Sun
184. Remote Intelligent Expert System for Operation State of Marine Gas Turbine Engine
N. B. Zhao, S. Y. Li and Y. P. Cao
189. Investigation on The Effect of Ammonia Distribution on SCR Conversion Efficiency
X. N. Tian, W. P. Zhang, Y. H. Xiao and P. L. Zhou
Session B2 Marine Engineering 2
194. Investigation on Using Biodiesel from Soybean Soapstock as Marine Alternative Fuel
C. Y. Lin, Y. W. Lin
196. Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation on Drag Reduction Characteristic of Bionic Jetting
Y. Q. Gu, G. Zhao, J. X. Zheng, S. Zhang, Z. Y. Li and J. J. Yao
201. Lubrication Analysis of a Stern Tube Bearing
T. He, X. Q. Lu, D. G. Zou, Y. B. Guo, W. Y. Li
Session C2 Marine Engineering 3
206. Fuzzy Adaptive Sigma-point Kalman Filter for Vessel Dynamic Positioning Multi-sensor Fusion
X. G. Lin, S. S. Xu and Y. H. Xie
211. Numerical Simulation Of Bubbly Flow In Pipeline With Eulerian Two Fluid Method
Y. Yu , P.J. Ming, and S. Zhou
216. Application of Finite Element Model and Least-square Method to Load Identification for
Mechanical Structure
Z. J. Shuai, Z. G. Liu, P. Zhou and W. Y. Li
221. Numerical Simulation of Noise Induced and Flow Around Cylinder Using the Viscous/Acoustic
Splitting Approach
D. M. Ni, W. P. Zhang, P. J. Ming and J. F. Gong
Session D2 Marine Engineering 4
226. Numerical Simulation of Marine Diesel Engine Combustion by RANS Method
W. Jin, Q. X. Gao and D. Vassalos
231. Real Time Force Estimation Using Adaptive Delayed Inverse Model of Mechanical Structure
P. Zhou, W. Y. Li, Z. J. Shuai and D. H. Wang
236. Control Oriented Dynamic Model for Marine LPG Engine
Y. P. Cao, S. Y. Li and W. Q. Teng
241. Turbocharged Set Modeling Using Hybrid System Theory
J. F. Zhao, X. Z. Ma, J. Z. Fei and A. M. Rong
Session E2 Marine Engineering 5
246. Analysis of Welding Deformation for Thin Plate Welded Structure Using Idealized Explicit FEM
T. Shigemasa, K. Ikushima, S. Itoh and M. Shiabahra
251. Key Influence Factors Investigation on Cycle Fuel Injection Quantity Fluctuation of Marine High
Pressure Common Rail Fuel System
B. Q. Tian, L. Y. Fan, X. Z. Ma, C. Yao and E. Z. Song
256. Prediction of Control Valves Aerodynamic Noise Based on Pipewall Vibrations
S. J. Li, G. M. Liu, W. P. Zhang, Y. Zhao
261. The Application of GM(1,1) Model for Performance Prediction of Marine Diesel Engine
Z. W. Wang, T. Yu, Z. G. Yuan, X. Z. Ma and B. A. Zhang
Session F2 Marine Engineering 6
266. Development of 3-Dimensional Welding Deformation Measurement Using Cameras
M. Shinahara, M. Hamada and S. Itoh
275. The Stress-Strain Analysis For Expanded Joint Of Marine Supercharged Boiler Superheater Tube
K. F. Wang, Y. J. Li, Y. X. Shao and M. Chen
279. Mechanical Actuator For Active Vibration Control
C. X. Li, Y. Shi, X. G. Liu, Y. Lu, M. Li
284 The Study for Bypass Protection System for Small Marine Steam Power on Theory
Q. Y. Zhao, Y. J. Li, L. B. Yang, F. Y. Son
Session G2 Marine Engineering 7
290. Analysis Of Risks Associated With Greening Of Existing Fleet In EU Shipyards
F. del Castillo, R. Gargiulo, P. L. Zhou, R. Mickeviciene, and A. Zukauskaite
295 Numerical Simulation about the Impacts of Ambient Pressure on Evaporation and Combustion
Characteristic of Single Droplet
K. Ge, L. B. Yang, Y. F. Sun, S. Y. Fan, J. Zhao
300. Modeling and Design of an Electro-hydraulic Camless Valve Actuation System
Y. Lu, B. L. Li
304. 3D Numerical Simulation on Two Phase Reaction Flow in Marine Diesel Engine
Y. F. Liu, W. P. Zhang , P. J. Ming, H. W. Sun and M. Zhang
Session H2 Marine Engineering 8
309. Chaos Control Of Marine Electrical Power System Using Radical Basis Function Network
H. H. Fu, Z. Q. Shen, L. Gao, H. Hao
313. Research on Propeller-Induced Ship Hull Vibration and Underwater Radiation Noise
L. Y. Li, Y. P. Cao, W. P. Zhang and J. Y. Yang
318. Research on Fuzzy-PID Switching Control for Diesel Engine Speed Governor Based on Virtual
H. Z. Fei, D. W. Jiang, S. X. R. Liu and J. Sun
322. Numerical Simulation on Characteristics of Flow Field Inside Traditional Cyclone Separator
Y. G. Luan, P. F. Liu
327. The Experimental And Numerical Study In The Outflow Field Of The Vane Air Register
L. B. Yang, Y. W. Zhao, Y. M. Hu, J. Luo, and X. J. Shi
Session I2 Marine Engineering 9
331. Influence of Superheat on Instantaneous Flash Evaporation
Y. N. Pei, X. M. Li, L. J Yang, H. Y. Wu, X. J. Zhang, L. B. Yang
334. Analysis of Turbulence Models in Numerical Simulation of Combustion Chamber
H. T. Zheng, H. L. Yang, Z. M. Li, Y. Mu
339. Prediction Of Compressor Characteristics By Optimized BP Neural Networks Based On Genetic
Algorithm (GABP)
H. T. Zheng, F. M. Pan, R. Yang
344. Numerical Simulation For Continual Plasma Arc In Gas Turbine Ignition
J. L. Yang, J. X. Xie, L. Han and T. T. Yu
348. Energy Consumption Distribution Analysis of Large Tanker Based on MATLAB/SIMULINK
Analysis Models
Z. Y. Wang, X. M. Li
Session A3 Environment
352. Alteration Of Marine Ecosystems Due To Maritime Transport And Solutions
R. P. Fernandez, and G. W. Liu
357. Standards On Carbon And Water Footprints And Their Implications For The Maritime Sector
A. M. Fet, L. Panthi
362. Oil Fate and Trajectory Simulation in Malaysian Shoreline
M. Muhandes, Jaswar and Zamani, Nofrizal, Zulkarnain, Agustin, Munirah, Efi
367. Using Life Cycle Eco-Efficiency Assessments To Evaluate Marine Systems Design
D. M. Aspen and A. M. Fet
Session B3 Offshore 1
372. Analysis on Unbonded Flexible Pipes under Bending Moment
W. Wang, Y. Bai and L. P. Sun
377. Application of Bayesian Network to the Risk Assessment of Offshore Piping
W. S. Wu, Y. C. Chang and C. F. Yang
381. Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Tension Leg Platform in Waves and Winds
L. F. Song, L. P. Sun and S. M. Ai
Session C3 Risk assessment
386. Naval Ship Radar Cross Section Simulation Options
J. Khan and W. Y. Duan
390. Paper Title: Navigational Risk Assessment in Restricted Waters by Using AIS Data
A. Maimun, I. F. Nusyirwan, A. Y. Sian, Rahimuddin and M. R. Jalal
395. Two Disasters Combination Defense Criteria Study of Marine Structures Based on Encounter
Probability Theory
Y. X. Ji, L. J. Zhang, Y. J. Lu
400. An Unstructured Finite Volume Time Domain Method For Dynamic Acoustic-Elastic Interaction
L. K. Xuan, P. J. Ming, J. F. Gong and W. P. Zhang
Session D3 Structures
405. A Comparative Study Of Fatigue Assessment Of A Container Ship Structure Using Various Direct
Calculation Approaches
Z. Y. Li, W. G. Mao, J. W. Ringsberg, E. Johnson and G. Storhaug
410. Probabilistic Consideration of Extreme Bending Moment of a Container Ship in Slamming
T. Fukasawa and K. Mukai
415. Comparison Of Numerical Results With Experiments On The Post?Ultimate Strength Behavior Of
Structure In Waves
W. J. Xu, K. Iijima and M. Fujikubo
420. Applying Sectional Seakeeping Loads To Full Ship STructural Models Using Quadratic
M. Ma, O. Hughes, C. B. Zhao
Session E3 Offshore 2
425. Mooring Truncation Design of a Deepwater FPSO
H. W. Wang, Y. Luo, F. S. Yan and S. C. Liang
431. Hydrodynamic Investigation of Bionic 2D Rigid Oscillating Hydrofoil Propulsion
J. Hua, K. Yu, C. Wang, S. Huang and Y. Yu
437. Analytical Solution Of Wave Loads On Cylindrical Structures
H.X. Liu, W.Y. Duan and X.B. Chen
Session F3 Offshore 3
447. Fully Nonlinear coupled Analysis on FPSO and CALM buoy system
J. Y. Qian, L. P. Sun, S. M. Ai
451. Study On Assessment Of Passenger Comfort And Its Improvement By Using Motion Stabilization
For A Cruise Ship
J. H. Kim and Y. H. Kim
456. Emergency Rescue Ability in the International Oil Cooperation
H. M. Liu, G. W. Liu and L. Z. Ma
Session G3 Materials & Corrosion
461. Multipurpose Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Coatings For Marine Technologies
A. Minaev, S. Gnedenkov, V. Egorkin, S. Sinebryukhov, D. Mashtalyar and A. Gnedenkov
466. Computational Analysis On Hydrodynamic Performance Of Cross-H Tidal Current Hydro-Turbine
K. Sun, S. S. Khalid and Z. M. Cong
471. Reasearch on the Shortcut Method of Alternating Stress Range for Marine Boiler Steam Drums
X. W. Zheng, W. P. Zhang, P. Zhang, Z. Y. Wang and C. X. Han
477. Preliminary Design of a Ballast-free VLCC with Oscillating Wings
P. Y. Feng, N. Ma, M. X. Zhu and X. C. Gu
Session H3 Design
482. A Knowledge Intensive Parametric Modelling Method To Support Ship Layout Design
C. Wang and H. Hopman
486. Stealth Based Ship Design on Academic Level and Role of Naval Architects in Radar Stealth for
J. Khan, W. Y. Duan and H.M. R. Amir
491. Incorporating "Design For Ship Recycling" In Modern Marine Design
S. A. McKenna, R. E. Kurt and O. Turan
496. The Numerical Calculation of Radiated Noise of the Submerged Cylindrical Shell Using the
Perfectly Matched Layers method
N. Feng, G. Y. Jin
500. Analysis of tanker accidents after OPA90: Impact of design and operational parameters
A. Papanikolaou, E. Eliopoulou
Session I3 Robot
506. Estimation Of Relative Position And Attitude In AUV Docking Based On Multiple TDOAs
S. Zhao, C. J. Qiao, Y. K. Wang
511. Prediction of Non-Cavitation Propeller Noise
L. X. Cui, J. Hu, C. Wang, S. Huang
515. The Bilateral-filtering Normalized Method of the Echo Intensity Data of the Multibeam
F. M. Xiao, W. C. Sun, S. H. Jin, W. Xia and X. Tian
520. Motion Control System Architecture of Integrated Ocean Exploration AUV
L. Zhang, Y. J. Pang and L. Wan
526. EEDI Impact for a Tanker
M. Hossein Ghaemi*


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